Helping you develop a salubrious environment wherever you are.

I can consult with you or your office/workspace on how to create a mindset and environment of health. If you are developing products or recipe testing, I can offer you feedback and/or formulation support.

Here’s how I can help:

  • Home and work space audit and clean sweep (I’ll scan the environment and highlight all of the potential toxic triggers)
  • Personal shopping for food, kitchen tools, personal care and household products (I’ll do the shopping with/for you or send you the product links)
  • Training on reading food product labels and ingredient lists
  • Health food and drink product feedback and formulation support
  • Health program design or feedback on a current program you’ve implemented (eg., 30 day Habit or Detox Challenge, Meatless Mondays recipes, Stress Reduction/Productivity Tools for the Office)
  • Menu creation or recipe feedback for your business/venture
  • Strategy on healthy travel for work and/or leisure (I’ll put together a plan of action for you)

I’ll present this to you in person (seminar, slideshow presentation) or in the form of a document/eBook for your convenience. Please contact to schedule a free initial consult.