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Veggie Spiralizer

Vegetable Spiralizer Product Review

The perks of a Spiralizer Make your own pasta out of vegetables with a vegetable spiralizer, also commonly referred to as...

Rhea Mehta
bledntec blender

Blendtec Blender Product Review

The perks of a Blendtec Blender Blentech high-speed blenders whip fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and superfoods into smooth and decadent smoothies,...

Rhea Mehta
Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating – You’re Not Alone

Today, I’m sharing I’M READY with you. It’s about my experience with emotional eating. I’M READY // Food is ready Belly heavy Am I...

Rhea Mehta

Grab & G’oatmeal Recipe

Description This recipe takes cereal to a whole new level. Pre-mixed within minutes and refrigerated the night before, this raw oat...

Rhea Mehta
faux fudgey truffles living rhea

Faux Fudgey Truffles

Description Desserts shouldn’t make you feel guilty. They may be sweeter than the rest of your day’s meals, but hey! That’s...

Rhea Mehta

Mango Tango Faux Lassi

Description If you love mango lassis, you’ll love my healthy Mango Tango Faux Lassi. My vegan mango lassi recipe is a...

Rhea Mehta
Excalibur Dehydrator Living Rhea

Excalibur Dehydrator Product Review

The perks of a dehydrator Make your own nutrient-enriched kale chips, dried fruits (think fruit-roll up!), breads (gluten days be gone!),...

Rhea Mehta

Sassy Salsa Recipe

Description My Sassy Salsa recipe is light, clean and delicious. With the special addition of health-promoting chia seeds, my healthy salsa...

Rhea Mehta