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Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein Powder Review

The perks: After several decades and cycles of prohibition and acceptance, along with multiple uses of this functional product, hemp is...

Rhea Mehta
global impact

Choice – Our Global Impact

Today I am excited to share with you the final poem in the series, until there is more magic uncovered in...

Rhea Mehta
green smoothies living rhea

Green Warrior Smoothie

Description My Green Warrior Smoothie Recipe is incredibly nutrient-dense and delicious! It’s nicely balanced with fiber, protein and healthy fat to...

Rhea Mehta

Taking ownership of your health

The poem I’m sharing today, PREVENTION, is about my experience with taking ownership of my health and life, as opposed...

Rhea Mehta
foffee_living rhea

Foffee: My high-energy coffee substitute

Description Have you heard? Foffee is the new coffee substitute and it’s freaking delicious! Adrenal fatigue is a real thing. So...

Rhea Mehta

Raw Vegan Yogurt (made with seeds!)

Description Yogurt without the dairy, yes it’s possible! This recipe captures the creaminess of the yogurt we all grew up on,...

Rhea Mehta