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My role is to help you unlock your healthiest potential, align with your intentions and become the master of your powerful mind.

Hi! I’m Dr. Rhea, a Bio-Toxicologist and Optimal Living Coach based in Toronto. I started my ‘health journey’ over a decade ago as a PhD student researching the harmful effects of the western diet and lifestyle on the body and studying the role of high-dose nutrient therapy in preventing and reversing disease.

In 2013 I founded Living Rhea, a health optimization and empowerment platform with a mission to guide changemakers to unlock their healthiest potential through a coaching program encompassing detoxification, functional nutrition, self-discovery and routine mastery.

In 2015 I founded Global Smoothie Day on October 3rd as an opportunity to embrace inclusive self-care, share evidence-based truths and clean recipes, and most importantly, offer communities an accessible, sustainable and playful entry into the world of healthy living.

Speaking of play, I also co-founded Camp Reset, an adult summer camp and digital detox along with 7 other Toronto-based community builders. Camp Reset is built on the pillars of play, connection and transformation. Check out the Impact section of this site to learn more about my social movements, including a clean living group I started on Facebook a few years ago, now with over 7000 members.

A contributor to the Huffington Post and Mind Body Green, today I speak internationally on topics such as optimal life design, nutrition hacks to boost productivity and performance, and my personal story of battling chronic disease and stepping into health leadership.

If you’re interested in working with me, check out that section, otherwise I encourage you to visit my blog page and get health inspired!

The Manifesto

I’ve broken down the path to optimal living into four steps, and my goal is to guide you in each of these areas to support you on this transformative journey.


Paint a multi-sensory picture of your seraphic self


Optimize your schedule to honour your daily intentions and goals


Identify and discard triggers from your body and lifestyle


Resolve inefficiencies in body and mind through functional nutrition and supplementation

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Your one-stop resource for optimal living tips, advice and recipes


Hear what past clients and partners have said

Rhea offers a graceful combination of practical day-to-day logistical advice mixed with big-picture visioning. Working with her has triggered deep personal growth for me in terms of my diet, stress reduction, and even how I approach the world and my relationships. She is a patient and conscious listener and fantastic at answering the hard questions while helping you incorporate practices into your everyday life to stay. It is clear to me that what I'm learning with Rhea's help will become cemented as habits and "ways of being" that will making a lasting impact on my well being. I'm extremely thankful to have stumbled into the opportunity to work with Rhea. It's pretty rare to get to work with someone who has such in depth medical and scientific training (both in Eastern and Western philosophies), who also has so much to offer in the realm of mindfulness, intention-setting, and overall living more joyfully!

Jess R. // Social Entrepreneur and Visiting Scholar, Stanford University Global Projects Center

Rhea is a bounce of genius, a wealth of knowledge and a beacon of success. What ever the Mantra you profess, I truly believe she makes a real, wonderful and powerful impact. Alive food has a beautiful advocate, her name is Rhea.

Myron Luis // Loving and living Rhea since 2011

Rhea’s passion is infectious. Her intrepid pursuit of her passion has inspired me to follow mine; and I’ll always be grateful to her for her limitless generosity.

Rahul Sarugaser // Founder, Bespoke Craft Foods

There is something a little bit magical about Rhea Mehta. Maybe it's all the superfoods she eats. She radiates good health and is a fountainhead of wisdom about all aspects of deep nutrition and even deeper living. Prepare to be supercharged.

Jeff Warren // Writer and Meditation Instructor

Working with Rhea has expanded and pushed both my mind and body. Over the past months, she has taught me a tremendous amount about myself and how we, as a society, relate to food. Rhea has shown me how I can easily embrace whole foods, sports, and mindfulness into my academic life -- predisposed to reading, writing, a whole lot of sitting. Ultimately, though, Rhea's light and warmth transcends her expertise in the nutritional domain into all of her relationships. It is for this reason that I am forever grateful for both her friendship and support -- thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tahnee Prior // PhD Candidate & Researcher; Balsillie School of International Affairs

Dr. Rhea is a tremendous health guru. She has frequently guided me towards powerful *yet simple* approaches to improving health through food choices. Her broad knowledge base stems from profound analysis of both biochemical and alternative explanatory models...The result is a rare level of expertise in health promotion, an invaluable resource for her clients.

Ilan A. // Investor

Thanks to Dr. Rhea's counsel, every day I make sure to consume super foods and I'm also choosing food that is kind to my digestive system. I also undertook a juice cleanse with her that left me feeling vibrant and rejuvenated. I also learned that my intention transforms how my body receives and processes the nutrients from my food. Dr. Rhea is incredibly knowledgeable about the functioning of the human body. I feel empowered from the counsel she has given me and would highly recommend her to others seeking to transform their relationship with food.

Justin Brown // Co-Founder & CEO, Ideapod

Dr. Rhea is unbelievably informed and conveys her message with pure love. True love of people, love of food, love of radiant health and love of knowledge. She is a joyful leader and a true healer.

Erin Diedling // MEd, LCPC, Director of Trauma and Eating Disorders Treatment, The Awakening Center Chicago

Dr Rhea brings to the arena of health a burning desire to truly help people. She is a shining star in the area of healthy and conscious living. Her passion is contagious and she brings out the best in those that are fortunate enough to know her. Her willingness to openly share her knowledge is what truly inspires me personally.

Dr. Sachin Patel // Founder, Living Proof Institute
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BONUS OFFER: Free juicing eBook for download!